How To Prepare For A Future Cremation

28 February 2022
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As you grow older, you begin to see a focus on preparations. This may be preparation for academic advancement, careers, or retirement. One of the events in life that you may need to prepare for deals with cremation services and your own funeral arrangements. There are various benefits to preparing for this event, however, there may be confusion about how to make those preparations. Here are some ways to prepare for future cremation services and what to know about each step of the process. 

Types of Cremation

The first way to prepare for a future cremation service is to decide what type of cremation you will want. There are three kinds of cremation services. The first is the most common, which is a memorial service. This service happens after the cremation and serves as a way of saying farewell. The service can be held at the graveside or in a more traditional funeral style. A direct cremation is also available. For this type, you may choose to not have a memorial service and only have the cremation. This is the most direct option, but also may not be the most personal for friends and family. The final option is to have a traditional service with a burial of your cremains held at the graveside. 

Urn or Burial Options

When you have decided what type of cremation service you want, the next step is to decide what type of urn you would like. The traditional urn is usually offered as part of a cremation service package. This means if you choose a pre-paid package, this option may already be included. However, you can choose ecological friendly urns that biodegrade into the earth. You may also choose to have an urn that is placed in a memory garden, buried in a traditional burial plot, or buried in another location of choice. 

Prepaid Service Choices

One of the key parts of the preparation process is considering prepaid service choices. These services are available from most funeral homes and are broken down into package types. There are usually several options available that include the cremation, urn, and any type of ceremony you would like as well. You will need to choose which one works best for you and discuss the payments with the funeral home. 

When you are ready to make future cremation service preparations and plans, contact your area funeral home. They can discuss these options with you. They can also discuss your ideas and show you options that fit with those ideas. Keep in mind, they will also discuss paperwork and how to handle the legal side of your cremation service and burial choices. 

For more information, contact a local funeral home, such as American Cremation Society (Ridgemoor Chapels).