5 Questions You Should Always Ask When Buying A Headstone

10 May 2021
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If you have lost a loved one, you are probably thinking of the best way to commemorate their life. One way of celebrating a deceased person is through a grave marker, popularly known as a headstone. A gravestone is more than a burial marker. It honors the departed and ensures that they are remembered even by generations to come. Given the significance of a headstone, you should always take the time to select and buy one.

Here are five questions that should guide you in the process:

What Are the Cemetery Rules?

Your initial step should always be to contact the cemetery office and ask about their rules regarding headstones. You don't want to buy custom engraved grave marker, only to realize that it's not allowed in the cemetery. So, take time to understand different rules about the material, size, and design of headstones allowed. Remember that some cemeteries do not allow grave markers, while others insist on uniformity of all stones used.

2. What Is Your Budget?

Different headstones vary in cost. If you want a bronze grave marker, for instance, it will cost you up to $1,000. The same price applies for flat grave markers, while granite ones cost up to $3,400. Normally, the cost depends on the material used and the size of the stone. It is advisable to buy a headstone that fits your budget to avoid financial strains.

3. What Headstone Material Do You Prefer?

The material used to make a headstone affects quality and cost. The most common material used to make gravestones is granite. Many people prefer granite headstones because of the material's natural beauty and because it resists low temperatures, acid rain, and high heat. Other materials to consider include marble, concrete, bronze, iron, limestone, and fieldstone.

4. What Type of Inscription Do You Want?

Like the material used to make a headstone, the inscription you choose also dictates the cost and overall appearance of the stone. If you have a low budget, you can choose to include the deceased's name, death date, and birth date alone. You can opt for a higher budget and put the deceased's picture, a poem, a song, or even a quote on the headstone.

5. What Is Your Preferred Memorial Type?

The headstone's size and type are the main determinants of cost. While the price can go as low as a few dollars, it can escalate to thousands based on the desired intricacy and size of the grave marker. Take time to discuss the memorial type with other family members and always stick to your budget.

The Bottom Line

A headstone is one way of commemorating the loss of a loved one. However, take time to gather relevant information to guide you in the grave marker's selection process. Information on size, type, and design factors will significantly inform your decision.