How To Incorporate A Scattering Ceremony Into A Cremation Funeral Service

5 June 2019
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At the end of a cremation funeral service, the family has a couple of options: keep the remains of their loved one in an urn, or spread the remains as part of a scattering ceremony. Scattering ceremonies are unique and offer a thoughtful way for the entire family to participate. Learn how you can incorporate a scattering ceremony into your loved one's funeral service. 

Unique Destination

A cremation funeral service comes with the option of having the service at just about any location. If you want to scatter the remains of your loved one, consider doing so in an area that they enjoyed visiting. For instance, say your loved one enjoyed having picnics by one of the large trees in a local park. Having a small ceremony in the park and then scattering the ashes on the ground would be a way to honor your loved one's memory and scatter their ashes. Should you decide to choose this option, contact the owner of the property to determine whether or not you need to get permission to go about this process. 

Water Service 

Again, with a cremation funeral, you can use the flexibility this type of funeral service offers and have the ceremony on the water in a boat. This idea for incorporating a scattering ceremony on the water into the service is an especially good idea if your loved one was an avid fisher, surfer, or just a water enthusiast.

Similar to scattering ashes on public property, there are certain guidelines you have to adhere to if you plan to have this type of ceremony, as scattering near a beach or too close to the shore is generally not allowed due to health and safety concerns. 


For a truly unique experience, consider incorporating an airlift for the cremation funeral. One practical option is to have the ashes lifted via a drone or other unmanned aircraft and have them scattered in the air over a certain area. With this option, some of the ashes will travel with the wind, which can symbolize the idea of your loved one being free.  

Permitting is generally required for this option, as you will need a permit to operate the aircraft and to scatter the ashes. An air scattering option is a good idea for a ceremony on private property.

The cremation funeral service of your loved one should be all about honoring your loved one. Find whatever special way would make your loved one most happy.