3 Reasons To Choose Your Own Funeral Songs

15 April 2018
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When pre-planning a funeral, many people consider a lot of practical things. They may choose a specific venue, pick out a casket and determine the best spot for a cemetery plot. However, many people neglect to choose some of the other details of the funeral, and it is sometimes those details that cause mourners to second-guess themselves when making decisions. Consider these three reasons to choose the music you want to be played at your own funeral.

Reason #1: It Empowers You to Do It Your Way

If you don't pick your own funeral songs, you leave that to someone else who may or may not get it right. Music plays an important role in nearly everyone's life, so it makes sense to choose the songs that had great meaning to you. When you choose your own music, you know that mourners will hear exactly what you want them to hear at the memorial service. You won't have to worry about someone choose a song you'd have hated.

Reason #2: Specific Messages Can Be Conveyed Through a Song

Music is called the universal language. It can serve to unite people who come from different backgrounds and have different views. It can even unite your mourners as they listen to a song's message.

Pick songs that delight you or serve another purpose that's clearly explained in the funeral. For example, if you simply want to go for laughs, you can't go wrong with picking a song such as "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. If you simply want to convey your love to your family or a spouse that's now left widowed, choose a love song that has deep significance to you and perhaps was a significant part of the soundtrack to your relationship.

Reason #3: It Can Alleviate the Burden on Loved Ones

This may be the most important reason of all. Your loved ones are likely going to have their hands full with their grief, and some choices may remain even if you preplan most of your funeral. By taking steps to choose the own music you want played, you take that responsibility out of their hands, and that can be a relief. It helps them avoid second-guessing themselves because they can move forward with the confidence that you chose the music that meant the most to you.

Finally, once you decide to choose the music for your memorial service, it's simply a matter of deciding which songs best suit your needs for the funeral. Keep in mind that you can always change your mind and alter your plans if you come to prefer new music over time.