Ways That You Can Use Keepsake Urns

18 March 2018
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Placing a deceased person's cremated remains in a large urn is a common way to deal with them, but it's far from being your only option where an urn is concerned. If you like the idea of keeping the remains in an urn but don't favor the use of a large urn, you may opt to go with several keepsake urns. This term commonly describes urns that are significantly smaller than regular urns; some grieving family members buy several keepsake urns and fill each of them with a small amount of the remains. Here are some different ways that you can use these urns.

Distribution Among Family

Large families often find that buying several keepsake urns is an idea that works for them. With the cremated remains kept in a single urn, it can be difficult for the family to decide where the urn will reside. For example, if you have three siblings and your parent has passed away, each of you might wish to keep the urn and the remains at your house. When you choose to divide the remains among several small keepsake urns, doing so becomes possible.

Secure Storage At The Bank

Some people have major concerns about natural disasters. This may especially be common if you live near the ocean and hurricanes have ravaged the area in years past. In such a scenario, you might be extremely leery about keeping a loved one's cremated remains in your home, as there could be a risk of this valuable possession being lost forever. In such a scenario, you may opt to fill a small keepsake urn with some of the remains and keep it at home, but fill another keepsake urn with more of the remains and place it in a safety deposit box at your local bank. Should the worst-case scenario of your home being destroyed occur, you'll still be able to access the remains at the bank.

Use In Multiple Locations

Some families like the idea of having a small portion of a deceased loved one's cremated remains in several locations. This is something that becomes easier to do when you use small keepsake urns. For example, in addition to having an urn at home, you might also like to have one at the cottage — this can especially be true if your deceased family member loved cottage visits, and you like the idea of having a piece of his or her memory there with you. You may also wish to place another keepsake urn of the remains at a local cemetery columbarium for people to visit and pay tribute.

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