Choosing The Right Headstone For Your Loved One's Burial Site

13 November 2017
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None of us like to face the fact that this life does not go on forever but when a loved one passes away, there are things that need to be done. There are people that can help with all the details of the funeral and services but there are some things that the family should do themselves. Choosing the burial site if it has not already been picked, and choosing the marker for the grave, are very personal parts of the process that are best done by the family.

Small and Simple Stones

There are so many options for grave markers that you can choose from. Sometimes the family just wants a small marker and there are small, flat stones that have just the name and dates of the deceased on them. Sometimes these are used in a family plot where all the stones match and are close together. They are also a good option for a family that is working on a limited budget or to mark a grave that holds a small container and an urn with the ashes of your family member.

Basic Markers

A larger stone can also be very simple and mark the grave site respectfully. These headstones are very common in cemeteries. They often contain the name, birth and death dates, and maybe a simple epitaph on them. They can be made of a lot of different materials but marble is the most common. You can choose the color of the stone and rather you want it polished or not. There are a lot of options that could be selected but the funeral home staff can help you find a headstone. The stone will have to be ordered but for a simple stone, they can engrave it pretty quickly and have it in place on the gravesite for you.

Custom Headstones

There are some very ornate headstones available if you choose to go that way. There are so many options available for the stone, some people will have images added to the stone or have them engraved with things that say something about the loved one laid to rest there. An example might be a large buck on the stone of a hunter or a trophy bass on a fisherman's gravestone. The options are just about limitless and the engraving can be done with lasers so the detail can be very fine. Even a portrait of the loved one can be added to the stone if you wanted to. Talk to the company making the stone about the details and just how much they can do when you are ready to order it.  

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