Learn How To Properly Plan For Your Passing When You Find Out You Have A Terminal Illness

6 October 2017
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Finding out that you have a terminal illness can be very scary and overwhelming. Knowing that you more than likely only have a certain amount of time left on the Earth can often make you reevaluate your priorities in life. One of the most important things you can do for your family when you find out that you have a terminal illness is to properly prepare for your death. The following guide walks you through a few ways you can prepare for your passing so that your loved ones can grieve your death the way they need to:

Create a Will

The first thing you need to do is create a will. The will needs to not only contain information about what you want to happen to your assets, but also specifics about your last days. You need to establish if you want to be resuscitated or stay on life support if the situation arises. You also need to specify if you want your organs to be donated to science, you have not made that specification before.

Prearrange Your Funeral

When you know that you are going to pass in the future, it is best to take the time to make all of your funeral arrangements in advance. You can determine if you want to be buried or cremated, who you want to give your eulogy, and even pay for everything before you pass away so that you do not leave your family with the burden of paying for anything.

If you plan to be buried, be sure to choose a burial plot and have a gravestone created so that your plot can be easily marked. If you plan to be cremated, determine if you want your ashes to be spread, placed in an urn, or used to create something your family can treasure for years to come. Ashes can be used in jewelry, pottery, and even paintings.

Create Mementoes for Your Loved Ones

Take the time to create keepsakes for each of your loved ones. Be sure to let them know how much they meant to you. These small mementos will mean a lot to them when you pass away. The gifts could be as small as a card or letter or as grand as artwork you custom make yourself.

Knowing that you are dying from a terminal illness will be very difficult. Knowing that you will not leave your family with burdens when you pass away will give you peace of mind on your darkest days. Contact a company like Brinsfield-Echols Funeral Home for more information and assistance.