Reasons To Publish An Obituary After A Loved One's Funeral

7 September 2017
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In most cases, it's customary to write and publish an obituary in the days that immediately follow the death of a loved one. This published notice not only alerts the public to this person's passing but also provides people with details about the upcoming funeral service. It's important to know that when a family member passes away, you have the right to manage the arrangements exactly as you see fit. In some cases, this might mean that you wish to take the unconventional approach of publishing the obituary after the funeral service. Here are some reasons that you may wish to do so:

You Want A Small/Private Funeral Service

While some people favor large funerals in honor of their deceased loved ones so that they can receive support from many people, this idea doesn't work for everyone. If you're not comfortable with a large funeral and you'd rather have a service that is only open to members of your family or family members and a few invited guests, you don't want to publish the obituary before the event. Doing so could cause several people to attend the funeral service, even if you specify that it's private. When you publish the obituary afterward, you won't have this risk.

You Don't Wish To Be Flooded With Messages

It can be overwhelming to be flooded with messages after a loved one's death. You're already in a period of deep grief that may also be accompanied by some degree of shock, and having to take phone calls, receive text messages and emails, and even speak to guests who show up at your home can be daunting. If you're struggling with the grieving process and feel as though you'll do a better job of managing the situation without having to constantly be speaking to people in the days that immediately follow the death, holding off on publishing the obituary is a good idea. By the time you publish it, you'll ideally be in a better position to deal with those offering their sympathy.

You Find The Task Too Arduous

Sitting down to write an obituary can be emotionally draining. For some people, putting down the words that describe the passing of their loved one can make the death a reality. For some people, this task is simply too difficult to perform right away — and it may thus be better to wait for a period of days or weeks after the funeral service. Keep in mind that if you're needing help with the obituary, someone from the funeral home can assist you.

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