You Can Be Comfortable With A Decision For Cremation

7 July 2017
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Are you considering a cremation rather than a traditional burial? If so, you are among many people who see that cremations are beneficial. Unfortunately, some people are met with opposition from well-meaning family members and friends when they discuss their decisions. This is one reason why it is ideal to pre-plan your funeral arrangements to ensure that your wishes are honored. The pre-planning also gives individuals the option to pre-pay for their arrangements. This is generally an option that ensures that the arrangements are paid for and that the price at the time of death will not be impacted by inflation and cost more than anticipated. It is important to note that cremations are likely more affordable than funerals in most cases. The following points will help you to be more comfortable with your decision if you opt for cremation:

Environmentally Beneficial

A lot goes into traditional funerals and traditional burials. The land has to be used to accommodate caskets. Generally, the land where cemeteries are located cannot be disturbed ever because it is considered in many jurisdictions as desecration. This means that the decision for a traditional burial is a permanent one that impacts land resources. This can be seen as impacting the environment because it results in less land being available for other uses. Bodies must be embalmed for traditional burials. This can lead to chemical leeching into soil and negatively impacting the environment in some cases. Caskets are not biodegradable. This results in solid materials being present in the ground that will not break down. 


Perhaps you are thinking about what you will leave behind for your family. If you want your funeral arrangements to be less so that you can leave them more, a cremation is likely a better option than a burial. Traditional burials involve purchasing a plot, headstone, paying for embalming services, cost of a casket, and other fees. Consider the sheer savings in purchasing a casket vs. an urn. 

Flexible Service Arrangements

By choosing a cremation, you have the option to choose a memorial service or have a traditional funeral and cremate your remains after the service. You can also make arrangements for your loved ones or the cremation service to spread your ashes or you may elect to have a family member keep your urn. If you have family far and near, a cremation will allow more time for them to arrive. Burials have to take place soon after death due to decomposition. 

A cremation services provider is a good resource to use to discuss your plans. They can offer you additional benefits of cremations and help you plan. These professionals will be more understanding of your decision, which can be helpful if you met opposition from your loved ones about your decision.