Seven Sadness Strategies: Tips To Help You Cope With Grief

23 June 2017
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If you have recently lost someone special, you know that it can be difficult to move past the grief and get back to normal. Don't feel like there is a time-limit on loss and mourning; everyone copes with death differently. There are some ways to gently work-through your grief and go forward, even when you don't think it is possible.

Seven strategies to cope with loss are:

1.Get moving. Physical activity has an anti-depressant effect and studies show that 20-minutes of brisk walking has the same therapeutic qualities as the medication Zoloft!

2.Immerse yourself. Throw yourself passionately into something that you enjoy. For instance, immerse yourself in positive outlets, such as working-out, learning a new language, redecorating your home, or adopting a new pet.

3.Stick to your schedule. Maintain your routine. There is something reassuring and comforting about the familiar, and sticking to your regular schedule will give you some focus and direction during an unsure and difficult time.

4.Don't hold it in. Don't stifle yourself during a time of loss. Talk and share your emotions as much as you are comfortable with; cry if-and-when you feel like crying. Don't feel like you have anyone to talk to? Drop-in on a grief and loss support group in your area; it can be very cathartic to be around others experiencing similar situations and losses.

5.Treat yourself gently. Take time to take care. Pamper yourself and splurge on a manicure, haircut, or a new outfit; consider taking yourself out for a good meal, or spend a little more on a special blend of your favorite tea. Sometimes small pleasures can lift your spirits immeasurably.

6.Surround yourself with love. Spend time with people that are positive and that treat you the way you want to be treated. This is not the time to hang with individuals that have negative mind-sets or nasty things to say. Surround yourself with people that lift you up, rather than put you down.

7.Take a break. Grieve openly, but then take a break from mourning for a period of time. Give yourself permission to laugh, socialize, and even take a vacation during your time-off from grieving. Don't allow yourself to feel guilt and try to push sad thoughts from your mind during your break.

Use these tips to help you cope through a difficult time of loss and mourning. Grief is sneaky; it waxes and wanes, and can creep-up on you when you least expect. Give yourself the time and space to mourn your loss and move on in your own way. Contact a funeral home, such as Gillies Funeral Chapel, for more help.