3 Tips For Making Funeral A Celebration Of One's Life

6 June 2017
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Funerals can be very somber events. After all, the death of a loved one can be one of the hardest things anyone faces in life, and you can't expect mourners to be full of laughs during such a difficult time. However, many people now hope to celebrate the life of the deceased person at a funeral. It can be a way to help others see what was so special about a great person who has passed on. Follow these tips to make the memorial service a time that focuses on the celebration of a life well-lived.

Tip #1: Create a Funeral Program That Accentuates the Joy of Knowing the Person

A funeral program typically talks about the deceased person in a positive light, but one that's focused on accentuating the joy of knowing the person and how fully they lived will be especially memorable. You may opt to place a joyful fact about the person on each page and include a "Top 10" list of the most awesome things about knowing the individual. A closing page on how people can continue to celebrate the person's life will also be appreciated by mourners. Funeral homes, such as Thomas Funeral Chapels Inc, can help with the programs and setting the tone that you want for the funeral.

Tip #2: Speak About all the Positive Ways the Person Made an Impact

One of the legacies that each person leaves behind is the impact that's made on the lives of loved ones. Set aside a time at the funeral to speak about all the ways that the deceased person improved your life and brought happiness to it. Dig deep to reveal both small and big ways that the person helped you be a better person.

Tip #3: Request Happy Memories from Fellow Mourners

When you contact people to let them know about funeral arrangements, that's a good time to also make requests. If you want to use the funeral as a celebration of the deceased person's life, it's an optimal time to request that the person consider their happiest memories with the person. Request that they be prepared to share them as part of the funeral service, then have a time at the funeral where you ask for volunteers to come up and share happy memories.

Finally, keep in mind that the celebration aspect of the funeral only needs to go as far as you want. Don't feel pressured to create any type of memorial service that goes beyond your comfort zone. It's important to find comfort in the way you honor your loved one at the funeral. So, don't let anyone pressure you to do anything other than what you truly want.