Four Unique Ways To Handle Cremains

27 April 2017
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When it comes to unique ways to memorialize a deceased loved one, the options are expanding by the day. If you're pre-planning your funeral and want to be cremated, you might want to consider having something truly unique done with your ashes after cremation. Here are a few of the more unusual options available to you for handling those ashes.

Put The Ashes In An Hour Glass

An hour glass can be a soothing, peaceful ornament for your mantle or office. If you want to create an hour glass that's truly unique, look for a company that will fill the timepiece with your cremains to give to a loved one. While it won't serve as a reliable way to keep time, it will certainly be a great way to remember your lost loved one.

Mix The Ashes Into Paint

If you are an artist or your loved one is an artist, consider working with a local art supply company to have your ashes mixed into paint. You can then create a masterpiece or even create a portrait of the deceased to memorialize them.

Plant a Tree

One way to create a lasting memorial for your loved one is to have their ashes put into a tree urn. These urns nurture saplings as they grow because the tree draws nutrients from the ash as they grow. The urn itself is filled with a mixture that encourages the release of those nutrients, ensuring that the tree thrives. The material the urn is crafted from is biodegradable, and can be placed directly into the ground without worry. There are many different kinds of trees available for this type of memorial, from oak and cherry to willow and more.

Plan A Fireworks Show

For a more unusual memorial option, you can work with a company that specializes in pyrotechnics. It's a new twist on the concept of scattering ashes. The ashes are placed into fireworks canisters so that your loved one's ashes can be scattered with the remnants of the fireworks. This is a great way to memorialize a loved one who enjoyed celebrations and fireworks, and you can customize the show with his or her favorite colors.

As you can see, there are many options for handling a loved one's cremains. If you want a departure from the classic urn stored on the mantle, talk with your funeral home about the possibility of one of these services today. Visit a site like for more information.