Costs To Consider When Creating A Fund For One's Burial Service

27 April 2017
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People who choose not to pre-plan their funeral often do plan for their burial service in another way. They create a fund to cover the costs of their final expenses. If you want to relieve some of the burden on your loved ones during what will be a very painful time, it's important to consider creating a separate savings fund just for the burial expenses. Here are some of the costs you may want to consider.

Obituary and Newspaper Notice

In the aftermath of your death, your obituary will need to be created and run in your local newspaper and online. A variety of costs may be associated with this, especially if your loved ones will need to employ the services of an obituary writer. Keeping an obituary online long-term may also require a fee, and you may want to plan for that to ensure that it does stay online.

Casket and Other Burial Items

You need to provide funds for the type of casket that you desire, and make it clear to your loved ones what your wishes are. If you only provide funds for a basic casket, yet your loved ones think you may have wanted something fancier, they may feel the need to come up with additional money to buy a casket you may not have wanted.

Also consider the following burial item expenses:

  • Clothes to be buried in, including jewelry and shoes.
  • Funeral program
  • Funeral registry
  • Prayer cards

Be sure to provide adequate savings and let your close loved ones know of your wishes.

Professional Services

Several professional services will be required as part of the funeral and burial. You will need to plan for payment to the funeral director, funeral home staff members, and the embalmer, among others. There will also need to be an honorarium paid to the priest or other clergy person, and an honorarium should also be given to musicians and other professionals who give their time and work to the burial service.


You will also want to consider the costs of where the memorial service and funeral will be held. Whether at the funeral home, a church, or other location, it is an additional expense. You may also want to plan to include money for the gathering after the funeral as well.

Cemetery Charges

There will also be a variety of charges involved with the burial at the cemetery. The cost of the gravesite, the grave's opening and closing, the gravestone, the inscription on the gravestone, and the tent for any potential committal service should also be considered.

Transportation Costs

It will cost money to transport the body in a funeral hearse, and you also want to consider the transportation of those who are closest to you. They will need to get to and from the funeral, and they may be too bereaved to safely drive themselves. Because of that, you may want to factor in the costs of a driver.

Finally, there are a variety of other costs that may be involved in the funeral as well, so you should consider the details of what you personally want for your burial service. It is a wonderful final gift to your loved ones to know that you were considering them and acting with love when you provided for your final expenses.