Things To Consider When Choosing A Headstone

11 December 2014
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Whether you call it a headstone, a gravestone or tombstone, grave markers are a permanent way to memorialize the deceased. Because of this, it's important to give a lot of thought to choosing a headstone. There are several factors you should consider when making your selection.

Understand the Rules

Every cemetery is going to have its own set of rules covering the types of headstones they will accept. Often, these rules relate to the materials used, the overall size of the headstone and its design. For example, many cemeteries will not allow the installation of a very large headstone. This is why it's so important to know the rules of the cemetery before making your purchase decision.

Get It Installed

Some cemeteries will offer installation services for your headstone, although they will probably charge a fee for providing the service. If the cemetery you have selected does not offer headstone installation services, you will have to hire someone else to do this. It may be that the company you're purchasing the headstone from can install it or recommend another company that can.

Decide on a Budget

Headstones can cost anywhere from the low hundreds to several thousand dollars. This is why it's a good idea to think about your budget for the funeral as a whole before you actually make your purchase. Having this number in your head will help you to narrow your focus to just the right headstone.

Choose the Material

Headstones can be made from a wide range of materials, including limestone, marble, granite, sandstone, slate and metal. While your choice may be limited somewhat by your budget, it's important to choose something that can withstand the climatic conditions in your area.

Consider Headstone Types

There are many different types of headstones available, including bevel, upright, flat, pillars and obelisks. After taking into account the requirements of the cemetery, you should choose a headstone that best represents the personality of the deceased individual. Bevel headstones and flat headstones are more modern, while upright headstones and obelisks are more traditional.

Customize the Headstone

A headstone by itself really isn't a tribute to the deceased. In order to make the headstone meaningful and personal, you have to customize it. This can be done in several ways. If you want to keep it simple, you can just add the name of the deceased and their birth and death dates. But you can also choose to add quotations, lines from a poem or any other type of epitaph. It's even possible to add images or inset photos to headstones.

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