3 Reasons To Consider Cremation Over A Traditional Burial

7 October 2015
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Going through the process of pre-planning your funeral arrangements is a considerate gift you can leave your family upon your death. Already struggling with grief, your family members will find peace knowing that your precise wishes will be carried out because you took the effort to plan everything in advance. One of the big decisions that you'll have to make is choosing whether you want a traditional burial or would rather be cremated. Read More 

Cardboard Cremation Box: Creating A Tribute To The Deceased

8 April 2015
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The exorbitant cost of a funeral can greatly add to the devastation felt by the family of the deceased. This is particularly true if the death was unexpected. Today, many funeral alternatives allow the family members to memorialize the deceased in a way that is more affordable and personal. One such way is to have loved ones decorate a cardboard cremation box. This gives the family and close friends a chance to use their artistic skills or words to say a final goodbye to their loved one. Read More 

Giving A Eulogy? Here’s How To Keep Your Composure

3 April 2015
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Giving a eulogy for a departed loved one is one of the highest honours you can receive, but as the magnitude of the event sinks in, it's easy to get caught up in the moment and find yourself feeling emotional. Although heavy emotions are commonplace at burial services, fighting back sobs can make the process of giving the eulogy difficult and make every minute spent behind the microphone feel arduous. By carefully following these tips, you'll do your best to eulogize the person while keeping your composure as much as possible. Read More