3 Ways To Infuse Star Designs Into Gravestone Monuments

29 January 2021
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The stars have a strong connection for people who follow astrology, signs, and connections to the whole universe. If you had a loved one who passed away and was connected to the stars, then you can learn various ways to honor their love of stars with gravestone monuments.

Learn how to infuse stars in various ways and keep a loved one connected to astrology after they have passed away.

1. Star-Shaped Monuments

A typical monument shape is usually a square or rectangle, but you can take things one step further with the use of star-shaped monuments. A gravestone cut into a star shape provides a striking visual and will stand out when placed in a cemetery. Consider different stone options for the star shape, including an all-black finish or a granite design.

The star shape is often placed on a steady base to remained balanced. The personal information from a loved one is engraved right in the center of the stone.

3. Constellation Engravings

Constellations are a big part of astrology and you can showcase a person's connection to the stars with a constellation engraved directly on a monument. You can select a constellation with a special meaning. One of the more common options is to engrave the constellation that represents the person's astrological sign.

Each sign has a specific constellation. You can choose to go with that constellation or choose one with another special meaning. The constellation will stand out on the gravestone and create a permanent marker of their connection to astrology.

Along with engravings, you can consider laser-etched monument stones to add more details and vivid designs. The laser-etched designs look more like a real photo. You can add outlines to a constellation. For example, the Scorpio constellation can feature an illustration of a scorpion around the laser-etched stars.

3. Star Accent Edges

For a more subtle star look on a gravestone monument, add star accents to the stone. Many stones feature engraved edges and you can add some star accents to the design. For example, you can have a star engraved into each corner of a headstone. The whole border could feature star shapes. You could feature stars of different sizes scattered around the edges.

Doodle out different design concepts to get a visual for what you are working with. You could also combine some of the ideas to create a completely unique headstone that honors your loved one and is dedicated to their strong astrology connections.

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