Exploring The Funeral Arrangement Process

3 Reasons To Consider Cremation Over A Traditional Burial

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Going through the process of pre-planning your funeral arrangements is a considerate gift you can leave your family upon your death. Already struggling with grief, your family members will find peace knowing that your precise wishes will be carried out because you took the effort to plan everything in advance. One of the big decisions that you’ll have to make is choosing whether you want a traditional burial or would rather be cremated. The latter option is growing in popularity in Canada due to its many benefits. Here are three reasons to consider cremation. Cost Although the exact cost of a cremation versus a burial depends on a long list of factors, cremation is typically a cost-effective way to deal with your remains after death. The cost of a burial can easily climb into five figures, while opting for the alternative of being cremated can often start at about $600. Whether you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend more than necessary on your funeral-related expenses or you’d just rather leave as much of your estate to your children as possible, opting for cremation can help you save thousands of dollars. Scheduling Freedom When someone wishes to be embalmed and buried, his or her surviving family members are often under a time constraint to schedule the funeral and burial within a short time span. Opting for cremation, however, gives your loved ones more freedom as to when they schedule a funeral or memorial service in your honour. The latter type of service is common for people who are cremated, as it can be held in the weeks following the death or even several months later. This flexibility means that your family members won’t have to stress over solidifying the arrangements and that any family and friends who will travel a considerable distance to pay their respects have enough time to schedule their travel arrangements. Environmental Factors People who are environmentally conscious often steer clear of being buried because of the way it disrupts the earth in their community. If you’re the type of person who highly values the health of the environment, being cremated won’t take up valuable land. Instead, you can request that your family members keep your ashes in a place of prominence inside the home or scatter them in an outdoor location that carried special meaning to you, such as your favourite nature trail or even your backyard...

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Cardboard Cremation Box: Creating A Tribute To The Deceased

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The exorbitant cost of a funeral can greatly add to the devastation felt by the family of the deceased. This is particularly true if the death was unexpected. Today, many funeral alternatives allow the family members to memorialize the deceased in a way that is more affordable and personal. One such way is to have loved ones decorate a cardboard cremation box. This gives the family and close friends a chance to use their artistic skills or words to say a final goodbye to their loved one. Strength of Cardboard Cardboard is made out of sheets of paper that is created from wood pulp. The pulp is dried and pressed to give it strength. There are different grades of cardboard, but the corrugated cardboard used in cremation boxes has double walls and superior strength that can hold up to 600 pounds. Uses for the Cardboard Cremation Box These cremation boxes are relatively inexpensive; therefore, they can greatly reduce the cost of a funeral and are appropriate substitutes for a casket. They decompose quickly and do not contain any chemicals that are toxic to the earth. This makes the box a wise choice for a person who enjoyed green living or who was concerned about the environment. Most cardboard cremation box are primarily used for the cremation. Oftentimes, the family purchases a special urn to store the ashes after the cremation. Some people choose to keep the ashes; others spread the ashes at a location that was special to the deceased person. Personalizing the Cardboard Cremation Box Family members may allow those who cared for the deceased person to write on the box with markers as a way to say a final farewell. The individuals may choose to write a poem, a favorite quote or to describe a fond memory of the person. This is even appropriate for young children and helps give them a sense of closure. Other people may choose to paint the entire box with acrylic paints by either covering it in one solid color or creating a beautiful scene. You can even decorate the box with decals or small wall murals. Other people may wish to decorate the box with the person’s favorite bow tie, gardening gloves, photographs, a handkerchief, tickets from a concert or sporting event or various other mementos that are small, lightweight and can be easily glued to the box. Personalizing a cardboard cremation box can be a very uplifting experience. It can help the loved ones to heal in ways that a traditional funeral may not. It is also a unique and loving way to send your loved one into the hereafter without bringing unnecessary financial stress to your family. You can check out your options at funeral homes like Affordable Burial &...

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Giving A Eulogy? Here’s How To Keep Your Composure

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Giving a eulogy for a departed loved one is one of the highest honours you can receive, but as the magnitude of the event sinks in, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and find yourself feeling emotional. Although heavy emotions are commonplace at burial services, fighting back sobs can make the process of giving the eulogy difficult and make every minute spent behind the microphone feel arduous. By carefully following these tips, you’ll do your best to eulogize the person while keeping your composure as much as possible. As you’re about to share your words, briefly scan the gathered group and look for some friendly faces. Keep the location of these allies in mind and, when you find yourself getting caught up in the emotion of the moment, shift your gaze toward these important people. An encouraging or loving look from a family member, close friend or even a colleague from work can help to quickly calm your nerves and prevent you from breaking down. When you identify key people to seek out, think of those who will quietly offer strength during this moment. It won’t be a help to focus on someone who’s sobbing uncontrollably. It’s OK if one of the people you’ve identified appears emotional—just keep your eyes moving until you find someone else. Although you don’t have to worry about dehydration during the eulogy, it’s extremely helpful to have a bottle or glass of water within reach. Set your drink on the podium, or—if there isn’t a podium—set the water nearby or even ask a family member to hold it for you. During difficult minutes, pause your words long enough to take a sip of the water. The refreshing drink can help to keep you calm, and the temporary reprieve it provides is an effective way for you to gather yourself. Conscious breathing is very important during stressful events, and the combination of sorrow and nerves that you feel during a eulogy can cause you to speak at an accelerated pace, run out of breath and lose your composure. Whether you’ve typed or handwritten your words, break up the eulogy into appropriate-length paragraphs and leave spaces throughout each section. These spaces subtly remind you to breathe, and leaning back from the microphone for just a short instance can often be enough to help you stay calm.  Funeral homes, like Serenity Funeral Service in Edmonton, offer a great way to honor your loved one—with these tips you can do your part to remember them as...

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